What is Julia's?

Julia’s is a family-style home for the woman who is motivated to move beyond homelessness to rediscover her dignity and independence. 

At Julia’s, there is no set “deadline” to leave the program. Instead, staff challenges each woman to develop as soon as possible the job training and life skills she needs to become self sufficient. Every day she is expected to be looking for work or independent living (such as an apartment or the family home). As she pursues avenues of personal responsibility, each resident also becomes part of the Julia Greeley family. She is expected to take part in all the every day duties and joys of family life, such as preparing meals, cleaning the home, and participating in events and classes.

Spiritual support is a major component of the Julia Greeley program, and is anchored in our Christian faith. In every interaction and moment of the day we want to impress on each woman that she is a unique individual made in the image and likeness of God. Before she decides to join Julia’s, each woman must agree that she will attend regular times of prayer and reflection. Whether she actively participates, or how much, is up to her, according to her conscience.

We remove the fear and anxiety a woman faces when she has no home, no job, no prospects, and yet is constantly forced to move from one public place to another. At the Julia Greeley Home, we give each woman the time and space to reflect on her life in a beautiful setting. She is surrounded by the reality of Christian love, which offers understanding and compassion to each woman.