As we begin our 4th year, thank you!

February-March  2017


Just over three years ago the Julia Greeley Home opened its doors to help women who are alone and trying to transition from being homeless. In our family style residence based on Christian values, women are freed from the dangers of street violence. In peace and security they receive the time and skills to recover their lives and become self sufficient. 

Thank you for all you are doing to help us! 

Since opening, Julia’s moved from a small 4 bed home to a home double the size. By the start of 2017, nearly a dozen formerly homeless women graduated from Julia’s and began new lives of meaning and purpose. I pray for their longterm success.

For example, thanks to our partnership with the Ward Family Foundation of Alexandria VA, a graduate of Julia’s won a full scholarship in 2016 to become a licensed practical nurse, which will be the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. 

Other residents found jobs, apartments, and reconciled with family. This is why Julia’s exists, it is to help each individual woman, one woman at a time.

Always, we want to reflect the beautiful values and the life of our patron, Julia Greeley, who overcame incredible odds as a person born into slavery, who was treated cruelly and left half blind, lame and very poor. She turned to Jesus Christ for strength and became a beloved person in Denver, helping others who were also poor and beaten by life. One hundred years later, in late 2016, Julia was launched on the road to become a canonized saint in the Catholic Church. She shows each person’s life has meaning and dignity. That is our message and goal at the Julia Greeley Home.