Join us for Colorado Gives Day Dec. 6!


    Your support helps formerly homeless women transform their lives!   In our first three years, Julia’s has helped more than a dozen women find self sufficiency and a new life purpose. We are successfully fighting back against the idea that an individual who encounters homelessness will probably never get out of it. Not true! 

    Now we need your help in a special way. I want to ask you to contribute to our mission through Colorado Gives Day. This is our first year participating in this powerful statewide program. Donations are welcomed every day of the year, but the special “kickoff” day is Tuesday, Dec. 6. 

    You can donate several ways. If you can make a donation now, use our Colorado Gives Donate button, top right. (You can always use our own Donate button, same place.) Of course you can always send your gift to 3613 Wyandot St., Denver, CO 80211.

    We really need your help. We have expanded our program from 4 to 10 residents in our rented residence, and now we are looking to purchase our first home. Our growth plan calls for a doubling of operating expenses to expand our resources to serve more women, and just as important, to begin the complex task of developing a capital campaign.

    Whatever you can contribute helps immeasurably. For example, a monthly gift of, say, $10 or $25 is a little like breathing — one breath may seem small, but taking one breath after another, just like sending a small monthly gift, means life itself!   A gift of $250 rescues a woman from the violence of the street for a month. A gift of $1,500 gives her 6 months of job training, life skills and spiritual support to transform her life and become independent. A confident woman is good for families and for society, and with your help and our program, she can succeed.

    For more ways to give to Julia’s, visit, enter our name, Julia Greeley Home, and learn more about our funding needs. 

    In coming weeks we will be sharing more from our residents and graduates. Many of them are eager to talk about what they have overcome to discover peace and self sufficiency.  For now, please help us continue this work! The truth is, in this harsh world, homelessness can happen to anybody. Our residents are all somebody’s mom, sister, cousin, neighbor or friend.