Pope's Words Reflect Julia's Mission

September 20, 2015

Hello to all Friends of Julia’s,

We are gratified to be able to welcome more women into Julia’s program! 

Pope Francis is coming to America this week, and I want to share something he said recently about the misery of living without a home, literally on the street:

“Street children and street women are not numbers, or 'packets' to be traded; they are human beings, each with his or her own name and face, each with a God-given identity”.”

We’re not using the term “on the street” in the colloquial sense which impugns a person’s moral dignity. We are talking about the sad situation that many women face when they suddenly lose their breadwinner, their financial stability, or find themselves in the middle of a devastating emotional blow. 

The fact is, women face greater dangers than men when living in a homeless situation because of their special vulnerability to sexual predators and violence. 

As the Pope said: “No one can remain unmoved before the pressing need to safeguard the dignity of women, threatened by cultural and economic factors.”

He’s talking about Julia’s women! As Pope Francis put it, each woman has her own “God-given identity.” At Julia’s, we are honored to serve each woman individually, because each woman has her own heartbreak, her own recovery, her own goals, and her own way of returning to self sufficiency. We are here to help point the way.