Hello to all our Friends of Julia’s!

Here’s what’s going on: God had different plans for us than we thought. Last weekend our new house director bowed out for family and personal reasons, which means we are actively looking for a replacement home and an equally able and qualified new director who can continue the program begun in August 2013 in Arvada. We are inspired by the significant numbers of women who have gone on to new lives of independence and self-sufficiency, and we want to keep the momentum going.

At the same time, a large, beautiful property in the Denver area which we have been pursuing for several years came up for sale this May. This is an exciting opportunity for Julia’s, but of course, there are many moving parts necessary to accomplish this, and so we are asking most urgently for your prayers and your support. As we move forward, we need your contributions to keep Julia’s program thriving, and all else that God has in mind for Julia’s, including the possibility of this beautiful new home!

That’s why I would be most grateful for your support today. You can use our “Donate” button on our home page at juliagreeleyhome.org or send a check to Julia Greeley Home Inc., 3613 Wyandot St., Denver, CO 80211.

Here’s some more details about this “dream home.” This is a large property where we could accommodate more than 20 women at a time. They would live in peace and security and have the time to learn the skills of self-sufficiency and independence. We would be able to hold regular seminars and classes and invite motivational speakers. Perhaps we could even share space with another organization like our own, which is  dedicated to helping women rediscover their purpose and dignity in life.

In short, this property reflects the mission I set for Julia’s many years ago. Through my work as a priest and in prison ministry, I discovered to my sadness that many women get dragged into homelessness by trauma, such as illness, loss of income, estrangement from family, or death of a spouse. The reasons are many, but society ignores them. Why? Because these women are alone, so they don’t fit in the common homeless categories -- men, families, and women with children. If they’re lucky, they sleep on mats and get a few weeks to live in a shelter. (In fact, recently Catholic Charities of Denver found it necessary to add overflow space to their night shelter for more than 100 women. The women are sleeping on 7‘ x 3’ mats.)

Thanks to the Julia Greeley Home, women now have the opportunity to live in a family-style home, with spiritual support and all the time necessary to heal. Our program works. Women are answering the challenge and rebuilding their lives!

As a priest, I am so grateful to God for allowing me to help Him help them.

Personal News and  a Prayer

And that brings me to my personal news: I have prostate cancer, but they tell me I won’t die from it. Surgery is scheduled for June 2nd.

But I see this diagnosis as another opportunity. I am asking God to intervene in my health through the intercession of Julia Greeley, our patron, who has been acknowledged by many since her death in 1918 as having great personal holiness, and worthy of possible canonization. A miracle is needed to advance the canonical process.

So I’m asking that everybody who reads this letter also pray the Julia Greeley prayer (below). We’ve been praying this prayer for a long time, and now we’re adding a cure of my cancer through the intercession of Julia Greeley. I believe that my full return to health would be an encouragement from God to continue our work, including our goal to buy a property well suited to our future.

So I hope you will say this prayer for the continuation of Julia’s great work, wherever it will be! I believe that the discomfort we are going through now is working toward a beautiful purpose. If you will help us along the way, I will be very grateful.

Look for more updates from me, as they happen. Till then you are in my prayers.


Father Regis Scanlon, O.F.M. Cap.



Dear Julia Greeley, friend of the homeless, pray for us to Jesus, who suffered so much and for our sake had nowhere to lay His head.  Julia, devoted servant of the Sacred Heart, implore the powerful intercession of our Blessed Mother and ask her help in all our needs, especially the needs of those who have no one to pray for them.  Julia, gentle champion of the lonely and powerless, we beg you to ask for the protection and guidance of dear St. Joseph, guardian of the Holy Family. 

Please pray, dear Julia, for our urgent request, that the Eternal God, defender of the weak, will grant us the blessing of a shelter for all single homeless women in the Denver area, that they may find a suitable refuge in keeping with their human and moral dignity.  I also ask your special intercession to obtain (mention your intention) a complete cure from cancer for Father Regis Scanlon.


(Permission for use in non-liturgical gatherings granted by the Most Rev. James D. Conley,  S.T.L. , former Apostolic Administrator, Archdiocese of Denver)


 (Please say an Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, for this intention).