Inspiring words about family

October 2015

Hello to all Friends of Julia’s,

All the world, it seems, is interested in the Synod on the Family which is underway in Rome this week. That includes us, at Julia’s! We are modeled on a family, and that’s why we are inspired by the words of Pope Francis as he opened the Synod:

    “Every family is always a light, however faint, amid the darkness of this world ...  In a family, we are formed by the memory of past generations and we put down roots which enable us to go far. The family is a place of discernment, where we learn to recognise God’s plan for our lives and to embrace it with trust ... a place where we learn to step out of ourselves and accept others, to forgive and to be forgiven”.

     These beautiful ideas reflect what we are about at Julia’s. Each woman who joins us has already been shaped somehow by a family. Some women may have been broken, in body or heart, by “past generations” of family; others bring with them deep family roots which supported them despite recent homelessness. Each woman’s story is different, but there are hurts to be healed, and we know no better model to do that by sharing the best of what a family can be, "light in the darkness."

As in every good family, each woman who comes to Julia’s is supported by others, yet she keeps her individuality. That’s why we can say Julia’s gladly welcomes everyone, of every faith or none at all. We respect each woman’s beliefs and only ask that, because we are a family, each woman must really want to be with us. If she does, she and her fellow residents join in seeking a deeper understanding of their dignity as women and as human beings, which we believe has a spiritual foundation in our Christian faith. From there, we can begin “to step out of ourselves,” as Pope Francis says, and begin to “recognize God’s plan for our lives and embrace it with trust.”

    Like our patron, Julia Greeley, we want to be “a light, however faint, amid the darkness of this world.”