Step 13: A Pioneer in Promoting Self Sufficiency

The Julia Greeley Home is proud to belong to Step 13's Driven to Donate program, which is one of the many outreaches of this innovative, nationally recognized organization.

If you have a vehicle you’d like to donate, send it to Step 13‘s program and designate the Julia Greeley Home as the nonprofit you’d also like to help. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Julia Greeley Home. (You’ll get a tax deduction, too). Learn more about our great partner at

Step 13, based in Denver, was founded more than three decades ago by a former addict, Bob Cote. Call it grace, inspiration or a moment of clarity -- this remarkable man came to see that he was responsible for his own future, that he had to be held accountable for his actions, and that he had to accept the discipline of daily life to conquer his addictions. Bob Cote's insight contradicted the prevailing views that addicts were helpless and needed (probably permanent) support by "the system." Bob founded his organization based on the idea that it was up to each individual to change his own life.  

Today, Step 13 is known nationwide for its commitment to change lives by making men self sufficient, productive citizens. What Step 13 does in its men-only program, we at the Julia Greeley Home are committed to do at our home for homeless women who are "unaccompanied" (that is, without children or family.) Both of our organizations are committed to working without government support, so that we may have the fullest freedom to share our beliefs and philosophies with the least restrictions. 

If you agree with us that each human being has innate dignity as an individual, and that self sufficiency is a goal to be encouraged,  we hope you will support Step 13, and also its Driven to Donate program.