We are looking for a live-in housemother to oversee the daily routine of the Julia Greeley Home, and that of our companion organization, Shannon’s Hope, which serves pregnant women, along with their children. When filled we will have about 12 residents total (and likely some children). 

If this rings a bell with you - or someone you know - contact us at juliagreeleyweb@gmail.com 

The live-in housemother should have the attributes of a wonderful teacher who enjoys encouraging and motivating women who are trying to achieve stability and purpose in life. She will oversee breakfast and dinner duties (where the women take part), help round up people for regular weekly classes scheduled in the home, and all around be willing to give generously of her time to the residents. Sometimes she will be asked to work a night shift (stay awake to make physical checks on residents.) She will work with a great staff consisting of a program director, a counselor and an on-site program manager.

The residence is beautiful -- two wings, with comfortable bedrooms and a huge kitchen and dining/living area. Of course the housemother would have her own bedroom.

   God bless you for your past outreach to the Julia Greeley Home. We are also developing a volunteer program and will be back in touch about that as well.


We're proud to partner with Step 13

The Julia Greeley Home is proud to join Step 13’s Driven to Donate program! If you have an old car you’d like to donate, send it to Step 13‘s program and designate the Julia Greeley Home as the nonprofit you’d also like to help ... and a portion of the proceeds will go to the Julia Greeley Home. (You’ll get a tax deduction, too). Step 13 is nationally known for its independent spirit and its mission, to give men the opportunity to overcome addictions and become productive citizens. Julia’s has the same mission in behalf of women ... which is why we are so proud to join hands with such a great organization. Visit them at www.step13.org

Meet Julia's new program manager

Leslie Collins-Pottebaum and Fr. Regis Scanlon O.F.M.Cap

Leslie Collins-Pottebaum and Fr. Regis Scanlon O.F.M.Cap

Julia’s family is expanding! Father Regis met last week with Leslie Collins-Pottebaum to welcome her as the new manager of Julia’s program, which has resumed as of Aug. 15. Leslie is an experienced and inspirational leader in her own right, as director and founder of Shannon’s Hope, a ministry for homeless pregnant women and their children. Now Julia’s new chapter begins as we resume our program share Shannon’s large, two-wing, residential-sized home in metro Denver. 

We are thrilled to open our new chapter with Shannon’s Hope. First, we see the harmony in our missions, which is to help women in crisis. Are they alone, like Julia’s women? Or facing pregnancy and family stresses, like Shannon’s women? Both our programs are committed to helping women who are struggling to recover their personal dignity and independence. 

Our new home is large enough for both our programs to grow side by side. Best of all, we are thrilled to have Leslie in charge, both for her practical experience running successful programs, and for the way she shows such insight and compassion for the women we serve.  

We will be introducing more of the exceptional staff in upcoming posts ..... 


Vicki's Story


Life didn’t spare Vicki from hardship and homelessness, even though she’s held good jobs, been to college, and stayed free of the addiction trap. Today, her life has been transformed.

            The shattering blow for Vicki was the death of her fiance in the summer of 2012. Suddenly, the sensitive, soft-spoken 54-year-old found herself in a bewildering spiral. The couple had planned to let Vicki finish her college degree while her fiance supported them. But after his death, Vicki was forced to drop out of her adult education classes and abandon plans for a business degree.

            Worse was to come: paralyzed by grief, Vicki’s independent life slipped from her grasp. Temporary jobs didn’t last. Soon she had no way to pay the rent. From there, it was a short, rough path to homelessness.

            Then a new road opened up which led Vicki to the Julia Greeley Home in the Denver metro area. Our pilot program launched in 2013 in a cozy, picturesque farm-style home in the heart of Arvada, and accommodated four women. (Since then, in August 2015,  Julia's moved to our larger shared community nearby, while Vicki's life has taken a different turn.)

            It was when Vicki joined Julia’s in our pilot home in early 2014 that she began to recover her confidence and self sufficiency - and a sense of family.

            “It’s a really nice home to come home to,” Vicki said during an interview that year.. “I appreciate the chance to start over again and get back into full swing.”

            In Julia’s serene, well stocked kitchen, Vicki was able to take her turn contributing some of her favorite dishes, such as chicken casseroles, spaghetti and meatloaf. She slept in safety, in a sweetly furnished second floor bedroom. Each day she joined the other women -- as they gathered for a time of spiritual and personal reflection. 

            While Vicki nourished her heart and soul, she was also able to bring her work life back to life, too. Thanks to Julia’s partnership with Bayaud Enterprises, Vicki was able to meet every week with Bayaud job developer Lynda Drake, who helped Vicki narrow her search to fields which fit her skills, which includes data entry, accounting, billing, customer service, and 12 years’ experience working as an office assistant in an orthopedic surgeon’s office.

            Today, it's several years later, and Vicki's life has been transformed. For the past year of 2015 and now into 2016, Vicki holds a position as a house manager at a home which provides social services. She has turned her past experiences into a victory, and now helps to inspire other women to become independent and self sufficient. The dark years are over. Once nourished by the inspiring serenity of Julia’s, and motivated by Lynda Drake’s expertise, Vicki was able to work her way to a good life -- where time is once again on her side.

            “Being able to live at Julia’s, and connect with people like Lynda, (was) wonderful,” she reflected during the 2014 interview. “To be with people who care what happens to you and to be able to have a job counselor who can really help, I appreciate it so much!”