Fellowship at Morrison Chapel hosts Fr Regis talk: "Work is the fuse" that inspires dignity

Fr Regis Scanlon OFM Cap, was invited on Sunday May 28 to the Fellowship at Morrison Chapel to talk about the Julia Greeley Home, which he founded to help formerly homeless women start new lives of self sufficiency.

The chapel was robustly filled, it’s members gracious, thoughtful and attentive, as Fr Regis explained the three-pronged efforts of the Julia Greeley Home: to offer women who have seemingly lost everything, the opportunity to find work while living in an atmosphere of Christian friendship and spiritual support.

First and foremost, Fr Regis said, the goal is for each woman to find work: “Work is the fuse which sparks a woman’s recovery of her human dignity.” 

Following Fr Regis’s talk there were prayers and patriotic hymns, which led up to a stick-to-the-ribs-and-the-heart sermon by Pastor Kevin Turner, a professor at Colorado Christian University. Rev. Turner linked the suffering of Jesus to the daily lives of every individual today, a connection which gives profound meaning to the problem of human suffering. It was an especially moving message on a weekend which marks the sacrifice of so many, who have died and suffered to preserve America's freedoms.  

Skip Campbell, chapel “overseer,” is the person who makes this picturesque chapel (on this site for nearly 130 years), available for weddings and events, and who has been a good friend to the Julia Greeley Home ever since he and Fr Regis met.

Thanks also to Jamee Chambers and Alice Wildemann from the Fellowship congregation who made Father Regis’s talk possible.