Sheree's Story

What a year — make that two years — for our former resident Sheree!

Sheree was the first recipient of our educational scholarship, which was made possible through our partnership with the Ward Family Foundation, Alexandria, VA. Last year Sheree was able to earn her certified nursing assistant degree, and has been on a track to become a licensed practical nurse.

To continue her education? To find an actual career? For this stay-at-home mom in her 50s, that was the last thing she expected to happen when she joined the Julia Greeley Home in spring 2016. Back then, the future looked pretty grim. Sheree faced a difficult situation at home and needed time and space to reflect. But where to go? Yes, she had friends and family, but for various reasons there was no suitable place to go for a longer period of time. To be homeless? That  was a real danger.

At the Julia Greeley Home, Sheree instantly became a supportive and motivating presence to the other women. We recognized great leadership qualities in her, and we wanted to help her pursue them. So we recommended Sheree for a scholarship with our partner, the Ward Family Foundation, and Sheree became our first, pioneering scholarship recipient. The foundation was so pleased with Sheree’s progress — she received straight A’s throughout her studies — that they asked us to keep finding more qualified recipients — and soon we had found Penny.

This fall, Sheree was planning to pursue the next stage of her scholarship when life took another turn: Her husband was transferred to another state. However, Sheree so impressed the scholarship foundation that they will consider continuing her scholarship program when she settles into her new home next year.

We are all so proud of Sheree! She is such a compassionate woman, and we know that, as a licensed practical nurse, she will make a great contribution to those who are sick and in need of care.