A visit from Christ in the City

On an ordinary Friday night in June, Christ in the City came to the Julia Greeley Home and made the evening extraordinary. Philip, Barbara, Kelly and Adriana touched so many of our residents, including our shared community of Shannon's Hope. We made dinner, and they brought with them their special brand of care, compassion, and joy -- and fun, too. We loved their "get-to-know-you" game, which led that evening to the sharing of so many lives.

Our photo shows Adriana cuddling one of the babies of Shannon's Hope. As you can probably tell from this sweet picture, we became like one big family that night!  

Christ in the City is unique in its mission to know, love and serve the poor by reaching out to them exactly where they are -- whether that's on a downtown street or in a private residence.

Christ in the City began its work with Denver’s poorest in the summer of 2010. Begun under the auspices of Catholic Charities in Denver, it also trains young people to become life-long missionaries. In the 2011, CIC was adopted by the Christian Life Movement (CLM) as the service arm of its mission in the United States. , Missionaries are spiritually guided by the priests and lay men and women of the Christian Life Movement, which helps in the spiritual formation of Christ in the City.