Meet Julia's new program manager

Leslie Collins-Pottebaum and Fr. Regis Scanlon O.F.M.Cap

Leslie Collins-Pottebaum and Fr. Regis Scanlon O.F.M.Cap

Julia’s family is expanding! Father Regis met last week with Leslie Collins-Pottebaum to welcome her as the new manager of Julia’s program, which has resumed as of Aug. 15. Leslie is an experienced and inspirational leader in her own right, as director and founder of Shannon’s Hope, a ministry for homeless pregnant women and their children. Now Julia’s new chapter begins as we resume our program share Shannon’s large, two-wing, residential-sized home in metro Denver. 

We are thrilled to open our new chapter with Shannon’s Hope. First, we see the harmony in our missions, which is to help women in crisis. Are they alone, like Julia’s women? Or facing pregnancy and family stresses, like Shannon’s women? Both our programs are committed to helping women who are struggling to recover their personal dignity and independence. 

Our new home is large enough for both our programs to grow side by side. Best of all, we are thrilled to have Leslie in charge, both for her practical experience running successful programs, and for the way she shows such insight and compassion for the women we serve.  

We will be introducing more of the exceptional staff in upcoming posts .....