May - June 2015

Hello to all our Friends of Julia’s!

 Here’s what’s going on: God had different plans for us than we thought. Last weekend our new house director bowed out for family and personal reasons, which means we are actively looking for a replacement home and an equally able and qualified new director who can continue the program begun in August 2013 in Arvada. We are inspired by the significant numbers of women who have gone on to new lives of independence and self-sufficiency, and we want to keep the momentum going.

At the same time, a large, beautiful property in the Denver area which we have been pursuing for several years came up for sale this May. This is an exciting opportunity for Julia’s, but of course, there are many moving parts necessary to accomplish this, and so we are asking most urgently for your prayers and your support. As we move forward, we need your contributions to keep Julia’s program thriving, and all else that God has in mind for Julia’s, including the possibility of this beautiful new home!

That’s why I would be most grateful for your support today. You can use our “Donate” button on our home page at juliagreeleyhome.org or send a check to Julia Greeley Home Inc., 3613 Wyandot St., Denver, CO 80211.

Here are some more details about this “dream home.” This is a large property where we could accommodate more than 20 women at a time. They would live in peace and security and have the time to learn the skills of self-sufficiency and independence. We would be able to hold regular seminars and classes and invite motivational speakers. Perhaps we could even share space with another organization like our own, which is  dedicated to helping women rediscover their purpose and dignity in life. More  >

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At Julia's, we know that homelessness might last for a time in one's life. That doesn't mean it has to last for a lifetime.


If a woman is motivated, we offer the tools to leave homelessness behind, for good. Our approach is to engage each woman’s mind, body and spirit in practical education by giving her the tools to make a living and build an independent life. She does the rest! At Julia’s, the woman learns for herself how to break out of the cycle of homelessness so she can reclaim her self-sufficiency and hope. More ›

What is Julia's?

 Julia’s welcomes the woman who is ready and motivated to move beyond homelessness to rediscover her dignity and independence.                                    

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Why Julia's?

If a woman is motivated, we offer the tools to leave homelessness behind, for good. Each woman learns for herself how to break out of the cycle of homelessness.

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Who was Julia?

Julia Greeley was a courageous, faith-filled, single woman who overcame slavery and poverty to become a source of hope to others even less fortunate than she.

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Vicki's Story


Life didn’t spare Vicki from hardship and homelessness, even though she’s held good jobs, been to college, and stayed free of the addiction trap.

The shattering blow for Vicki was the death of her fiance in the summer of 2012. Suddenly, the sensitive, soft-spoken 54-year-old found herself in a bewildering spiral. The couple had planned to let Vicki finish her college degree while her fiance supported them. But after his death, Vicki was forced to drop out of her adult education classes and abandon plans for a business degree.     More ›