Why Support Us? This is Why

December 2018 and the Season to Give

 Dear Friends of Julia’s,

Penny and Camille are two of the growing number of women who help answer the question — “Why Support Us?” When you hear more about them, I hope it will help you to understand why your financial support is so important to the Julia Greeley Home. Penny and Camille are two exceptional women who went through our program. They are among a growing number of women we have been able to help lift out of homelessness so they could find their true potential.

Your support made Penny’s and Camille’s success and self sufficiency possible.


That’s why I’m praying that you will be inspired to look here for our “Donate” button, or our “Colorado Gives” button, and make a gift to us, especially now and during this Advent and Christmas season. Our mailing address is available too: 3613 Wyandot Street, Denver, CO 80211.


Of course we hope you will stay with us all year long, both with your financial support and your prayer support! Here’s what you are accomplishing, as shown through these brief stories of two of our growing number of successful Julia’s graduates:

Penny is a remarkable young woman who is now continuing her education thanks to our scholarship partnership with the Ward Family Foundation. She’s had such a turnaround from homelessness since 2015 that she wants to become a mentor to today’s Julia Greeley women and to help them find what she has found, which is purpose, peace, and self sufficiency. You can find Penny’s 2018 update by scrolling to her story at the right side of this page.

Camille is also inspirational. She described coming to the Julia Greeley Home this way: “What I thought was the end, was the beginning.” That’s because she came to us after losing everything. After her son died, she lost her health, then her job and her home. She was days away from homelessness. She truly thought she had come to “the end.”  

Today Camille is happy and fulfilled, with a restored life and family. She found her new beginning. What she needed was the time and the physical, emotional and spiritual support to regain her perspective on life and let God begin to heal her. She found that at the Julia Greeley Home. Read Camille’s complete story too.

Only your support makes success stories like Penny’s and Camille’s possible. Note the stories of the other women who have allowed us to tell their stories here. And there are more women who want to remain anonymous, and have gone on to find fulfilled lives. Your support keeps the Julia Greeley Home open for all of them to discover what we have to offer: Namely, our Christ-centered program gives traumatized women the time and encouragement to recognize their God-given dignity. That leads to a wonderful self confidence that helps women regain their self sufficiency.

Please give what you can. God will do the rest.

I will be remembering everyone who has helped the Julia Greeley Home in my Christmas masses. God bless you all during this blessed season of our Lord’s birth!


Father Regis Scanlon OFM Cap


Two Julia Greeley Home Grads

                Earn Ward Family Foundation Scholarships

 Sheree aced her Certified Nursing Assistant program at Emily Griffith Technical school

Sheree aced her Certified Nursing Assistant program at Emily Griffith Technical school

 penny will GO TO community college of denver to FINISH GED

penny will GO TO community college of denver to FINISH GED


A Julia Greeley Renaissance

Julia Greeley, who lived in obscurity for most of her earthly life, today is drawing attention from Denver to Rome as she is considered for canonization as a saint in the Catholic Church. Here’s what’s been happening “in Julia’s world” just since the first days of summer 2017:



Denver's Auxiliary Bishop Jorge Rodriguez celebrated Mass at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Denver,  where Julia worshiped until her death on June 7, 1918. In his homily, Bishop Rodriguez praised Julia Greeley for her courage and deep faith:

"Julia Greeley's life is amazing because her life shines in the middle of a sad cage in human history; she knew the tragedy of slavery, the pain and hurt, yet her whole life was one of service, filled with love. This is in itself a miracle, -- that a woman surrounded by hate did not hate!"

"The universal Church is recognizing that Julia Greeley led a holy life that blossomed in the deep life of Jesus, in her love for the poor and her desire to open all people to Jesus and His love." 



Her exhumation marked another unique honor: The Church deemed Julia worthy to be interred in the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in downtown Denver. In fact, Julia is believed to be the first person interred at the Cathedral (even past bishops aren’t buried there.)

For more, CLICK HERE: More  >


What is Julia's?

 Julia’s welcomes the woman who is ready and motivated to move beyond homelessness to rediscover her dignity and independence.                                    

What is Julia's ›

Why Julia's?

If a woman is motivated, we offer the tools to leave homelessness behind, for good. Each woman learns for herself how to break out of the cycle of homelessness.

Why Julia's? ›

Who was Julia?

Julia Greeley was a courageous, faith-filled, single woman who overcame slavery and poverty to become a source of hope to others even less fortunate than she.

Who was Julia? › 

Sylvia's story 

“Thank you Julia Greeley, you were a light for me when I could not see the way!’

The words are like Sylvia Bailey herself -- spontaneous, spirited, luminous. Sylvia graduated from the Julia Greeley Home program in 2014, and shortly afterwards spoke at a workshop about her success. The Julia Greeley program had helped her achieve independence. She was in her own apartment and managing her own life. 

Now Sylvia had a plan. She wanted to share the light that she had found at Julia's: “I want to volunteer,” she said. “When can I start?” 

We were thrilled. Who better to explain Julia’s program than Sylvia? She was charismatic, eloquent and eager. She could explain Julia’s program “from the inside out,” because she believed that her time at Julia’s had revitalized her life journey.  

A few weeks after that workshop came devastating news. Sylvia had died suddenly from a burst aneurysm suffered at her home. This vital woman, sparkling as a firecracker, had suddenly been called to eternal life. 

Yet Sylvia's story continues to inspire us. She is every woman who is alone, suffering, and without a home, who finally triumphed over her circumstances.  More › 



Vicki's Story

Life didn’t spare Vicki from hardship and homelessness, even though she’s held good jobs, been to college, and stayed free of the addiction trap.

The shattering blow for Vicki was the death of her fiance in the summer of 2012. Suddenly, the sensitive, soft-spoken 54-year-old found herself in a bewildering spiral. The couple had planned to let Vicki finish her college degree while her fiance supported them. But after his death, Vicki was forced to drop out of her adult education classes and abandon plans for a business degree.     More ›